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Over 100 Bonus Trainings, Videos, Swipe Files, Standard Operating Procedures (Sops), Behind the Scenes Tours, Sops & Live Event Videos You Can Never Buy Normally!


Ecommerce Certified Specialist

My best selling course this year that use to sell for $497 by itself! In this, it will teach you how to master Ecommerce and become a Certified Ecommerce Specialist and build your own shopify store to sell online,

Live Calls

You'll be invited to a Weekly LIVE call on Friday at 2 PM PST with experts teaching you business and marketing principles for your agency.

Traffic Mastery

Want to dominate the internet and reach millions of people? One sure fire way to do this is by mastering the art of driving traffic. Running Facebook, Google, Youtube and other ads is possibly the fastest way to grow a brand these days, and, it allows thousands of people to see your product within 24 hours. In this course, we take you behind the scenes for the first time ever on how we've created the best ads in the history of the internet. We show you how we run our ads, how Tai films viral ads like "Here in My Garage" and how you can get your products going viral. Remember, Attention = Money, this course teaches you how to get Attention for you + your brand.

Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0

First released in 2016, this 4-month program has now helped more than 35,000 people start their own social media marketing agency. No matter if you have zero marketing experience, you'll learn how to get small business owners to open up to get help on their social media.

E-Commerce Agency

The lessons in Ecommerce Agency are based on what actually works for me and my partners. You'll learn from some of the top experts in sales, marketing, and consulting. People who've built agencies reveal how they did it. You'll learn from ecommerce agency experts who've built successful agencies using the strategies they teach. You'll learn and dive in one of the most-profitable industries in human history that is still on the rise.

67 Steps

In my flagship program, that's already been purchased by 200,000 people, you'll learn how to master the four pillars of living The Good Life -- wealth, health, love, and happiness. Every day, for 67 days, you'll get an in-depth video or audio lesson from me that teaches you what I've learned from my mentors. The average person takes 66 days to build new habits, so I've created 67 daily in-depth audio and video lessons (one more was added for good luck)!

Digital Social Marketing Consultant

Get full access to the ultimate side hustle for earning a full-time income -- even though it only requires part-time work. As a Digital and Social Media Consultant, you'll learn top marketing strategies and get paid to give recommendations to businesses. Since you're only sharing strategy, it requires less of your time than doing the actual work.

Ecommerce Blueprint

2017 was the first time in history more people shopped ONLINE than offline. In my Ecommerce Blueprint, you'll learn how to get an ecommerce store running -- ASAP, so you learn to build a business from the ground up in addition you also discover how to use social media to help you get started.

12 Foundations

The modern education system is based on a 150 year old idea -- training people to become factory workers. While not all education is bad, there are basically 12 key things you won't learn at school. In my 12 Foundations, you'll be given those key pieces of information and in-depth insights that teach you more about success, launching a business, real estate investing, growing your social circle, marketing, and getting in shape than any university will.

How To Invest Your Money

Active income streams are great if you're a beginner, but the sooner you can build passive income from investing -- the better. With this program, you'll learn how to transition from trading time for money to having your money work for you. Even if you don't have a lot to start with, learning the principles of investing from this program will benefit you for life!

Traveling CEO

I made this program so people can learn that it's manageable to be the CEO of your own life! Whether you have a business or not, if you're able to learn time management and outsourcing, you might be able to free up some of the time you might have thought you couldn't so you can do a little more of what you enjoy. For you, it might be traveling, having an extra 30 mins to workout in the mornings, or even going on date nights with your significant other. We built this course to teach you how to travel to your goals by taking charge of where you spend your time and how you organize your work and schedule!

Funnel Agency

What worked in the past, like getting a degree, might not be as relevant as it once was. You need to develop new skills to move ahead. This course shows you current marketing strategies that create "funnels" to offer your products and services. With Funnel Agency, you'll learn my sales funnel secrets.

How Tai Make Money Online

This How Tai Make Money Online training program is designed to walk anyone through the steps to making money online. 4 steps to building an online business. Everything is given to you. You'll have all the tools you need.



This 7-Day video training is your ticket to success with Facebook ads! If you've been struggling to make your ads convert and run profitable campaigns, you NEED to see what's inside this course. Watch as Rudy takes you through all the game-changing strategies for his agency clients, and his own offers!
Day 1: The "Quick and Dirty" Avatar Identifier Method
Day 2: Facebook Ads for Ecommerce
Day 3: Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Offers
Day 4: Facebook Compliance 411
Day 5: Facebook Setup & Creative
Day 6: Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks
Day 7: Big Reveal: The Ultimate Ads Swipe File

PLUS THIS SUPER BONUS: Rudy’s Disabled Ad Account Recovery Method! (Worth Over $1,000!)


Use Rudy's proven methods and systems to create your own online lead generation MACHINE that brings in new buyers like clockwork! Get swipes and templates and learn how to develop your own successful lead gen funnels. in a matter of DAYS!
Module 1: Choosing The Perfect Opt-In for Your Offer
Module 2: 10 Essential Elements of a High-Converting Opt-In Page, High Ticket Application page + Sales Page (to sell people after they opt-in!)
Module 3: Ecomm Contest Funnels to Generate Unlimited Leads!
Module 4: My Best Follow Up Emails That Convert Cold Traffic
Module 5: Mastering High Ticket + Agency Services
> Module 6: The Ultimate Quiz Funnel
Module 7: My Exit Pop System That Saved Me 5000sales!
Module 8: Facebook Set Up & Creative Masterclass To Scale Your Lead Gen + High Ticket Apps
Module 9: SMS Text Message Secrets
Module 10: The Ultimate Funnel Roadmap

Total value: $2,347


Use Rudy's PPC "Cheat code" on how to develop successful Google Ads! This 30-Day video training program will teach you how to create ultra-competitive Google campaigns!
10x Video Training Modules ($599 value)
Ads Fundamentals & Planner ($19 value)
Attribution Models Cheat Sheet ($49 value)
Google Ad Bidding Strategies ($49 value)
Most Popular Google Search Ads ($49 value)
Display Advertising Essentials ($19 value)
YouTube Secrets ($49 value)
Google Shopping Trends ($29 value)
BONUS #1: Ad Swipes and Ad Sizing Templates ($99 value)
BONUS #2: "Negative" Channel and Keyword Targeting ($49 value)

Total value: $1,100


Join Rudy's 7-day Bot Masterclass which shows you how to find existing advertisements and how to use those to sell your products and services online. . .
Chatbot Builder & Getting Started
Creating Your First Opt-In Flow
Messenger Bots to Sell High-Ticket, Physical & Digital Products
Creating Your First High-Converting Facebook Chatbot Ad
Grow Your FB Group with Chat Bots
BONUS #1: Create High-Converting Bot Ads

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